Bonjour & Nihao!

Join us in an intimate living room, where the warmth of French inspiration meets the bold flavors of Asian fusion, inviting you to savor a taste of sophistication in the heart of Copenhagen.

📌 Store Kongensgade 42 1264 Copenhagen 

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays - Saturdays 17.00-23.00*
*Please note kitchen closing times below:

Tuesdays - Thursday 21.00

Fridays - Saturdays 22.00


It was not written in the stars that the Vietnamese boat refugee, Allan Huynh, should open a restaurant in Denmark when he was picked up in the Indian Ocean by a French tanker as a 12-year-old.

Dreams of many years came true when Allan - who has a restaurant degree - opened the restaurant "The Red Box" on Store Kongensgade 42 on May 2010.

In collaboration with Chef Jin Wang, Allan introduces the guests to a delicate, healthy, modern French-Asian cuisine, where the dishes on the menu are based on classic French brasserie cuisine and derive flavor nuances from Asian spices such as chili, garlic, star anise, black bean, and lemongrass.

In 2021, Kasper Cetti became a partner of The Red Box. He has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and together the 3 now run The Red Box.



Tasting-Menu "De 15"
15 specialiteter i 5 serveringer:
vælges af hele bordet

Per person 575,-


Stegt torsk med sortbønne sauce
Rejetoast med sød chili og sesam
Wonton med estragon-mayo
Rejeovertrukket kammusling med dressing af honning og lime

Stegt tun med sort vinaigrette
Grillet sort tigereje med tamarind
Sprød kammusling dumpling
Friteret Gillardeau østers med sød vinaigrette

Dagen overraskelsen

Rulle af oksemørbrad med enokisvampe flamberet med cognac og østerssauce
Grillet lammekrone med rød-karry
Pankostegt sparerib
Grillet BBQ-marineret kylling

Fra Den Røde Æske


Tilføj vinmenu:

1 glas Champagne Pol Roger
4 glas vin
1 glas dessertvin Pineau des Charentes

Per person 555,-





Tasting-Menu "The 15"
15 specialities in 5 servings:
chosen by the whole table

Per person 575,-


Codfish with black-bean sauce
Shrimptoast with sweet chili
Wonton with estragon-mayo
Scallop with shrimp, honey, chili and lime

Tuna with black vinaigrette and sesame
Grilled Black Tiger prawns with tamarind
Crispy Dumpling Scallop
Fried Gillardeau Oyster with sweet vinaigrette

The surprise

Slice of beef tenderloin with enoki mushrooms flambéed with cognac and oyster sauce
Grilled Rack of Lamb with red-carry
Panko-fried Sparerib
Grilled BBQ marinated chicken

From The Red Box


Add wine pairing menu:

1 glass of Champagne Pol Roger
4 glasses of wine
1 glass dessert wine Pineau des Charentes

Per person 555,-




Groups are very much welcome in The Red Box. We ask for an identical menu order in advance from groups of 6 people or more. Send your inquiry to and include:

  • Date, Number of Guests, Desired time, Selection of menu, as well as any allergies
In cooperation with

We look forward to hearing from you! We do our best to accomodate our guest needs. We ask you email us at if you are: 

  • More than 6 persons
  • Company gatherings
  • Private birthdays
  • Receptions
  • Special dietary restrictions
  • Outside our normal hours

Company parties max. 30 people. Seating capacity 40 people in the entire restaurant front and back.